Q: What are the benefits from Liqum solutions?

A: Liqum Early Warning service replaces traditional water safety sampling routines, and makes real-time analyses and reports available online. Deviations from the desired water quality level are reported in real-time by SMS and email, giving the customer the chance to take a preventive action immediately. Liqum's unique technology for real-time monitoring and reporting of water and liquid quality is the world's only single-sensor solution capable of detecting many organic and non-organic contaminations as low as a few parts per billion. To see some typical LOD (limit of detection) values, please click here.


Q: What does the Liqum solution measure?

A: The Liqum solution measures quality changes in liquids. It is a robust, sensitive and maintenance free solution that is easy to install. The technology is based on measuring reduction and oxidation potential.


Q: How will I know if there is a change in the quality of the liquid that I am monitoring?

A: The Liqum solution will send you an SMS or email alert as soon as the change occurs. It is easy to set alert trigger-levels, or to monitor the liquid quality 24/7 on your computer or mobile phone in real time.


Q: I am already measuring pH and conductivity in real time. Is there any reason for me to use the Liqum solution?

A: Yes. The Liqum solution typically shows quality changes before they are detected as changes in pH. Many phenomena that the Liqum solution detects, would simply not manifest themselves as changes in pH or conductivity.


Q: What substances can the Liqum solution measure?

A: The Liqum solution can measure most substances. Specific sensitivity tests have been carried out for hundreds of substances in response to customer requests.


Q: Where is the Liqum solution in use?

A: The Liqum solution is in use in a number of industries, including pulp & paper industry, mining, agriculture, aqua farming, bioenergy, pharmaceuticals, and the food & beverage sector, where it is used to help ensure the quality and safety of the end product.


Q: How does the Liqum solution get installed?

A: Liqum sends you a pre-configured monitoring unit with full installation instructions. The equipment is easy to install, and installation takes less than 15 minutes. Once the system is installed, monitoring results are instantly available online.


Q: Where can I get the Liqum solution from?

A: Liqum has a global sales network to support you. Please click here for your most appropriate contact. If you would prefer to order directly from Liqum, please click here.