Good consistent water quality is one of the main concerns of the beverage industries. The quality of the water used plays the key role in determining the taste of the final product, for good quality water guarantees a balanced and pleasant taste. In addition, every liter saved in the production process saves money and helps reduce the burden on the environment.

The Liqum liquid monitoring solution answers many questions that have remained unanswered by the traditional food and beverage process technologies. Liqum Early Warning solution allows the operator to set the required definition of purity and then monitors the water continuously for deviations from that defined purity - the sensor 'tastes' any changes as soon as they occur, and reports them in real-time.

Liqum technology can be used to support the production or processing of any of the following: natural mineral water, spring water, potable water, raw water, soft drinks, wine, beer, spirits and liquors, milk.