Q: What are the benefits of the LIQUM solutions?

A: The LIQUM Solution makes real-time analyses and reports of water- and liquid quality available online, filling the gaps left by existing laboratory based water sampling control methods. Deviations from the desired water quality level are reported in real-time, and early warning alerts are sent automatically by email, enabling operators to take preventive action immediately. The LEW detector is the world’s only wireless sensor capable of detecting a wide variety of organic and inorganic contaminations as low as a few parts per billion. 


Q: What does the LEW detector measure?

A: It measures the reduction and oxidation potentials of its array of electrodes submerged in the water or liquid. The LEW detector is a robust, reliable and maintenance-free solution which is easy to install.

Q: To what substances does the LEW detector react?

A: It reacts to most substances and chemicals. Sensitivity depends on the substance or chemical and on the chemistry of the water or liquid being measured. Sensitivity tests have been carried out on hundreds of substances and chemicals in a variety of processes.


Q: I am already measuring pH and conductivity in real time. Is there any reason for me to use the LIQUM solution?

A: Yes. The LIQUM Solution reveals quality deviations before they are seen in pH or conductivity measurements. Many chemical phenomena that the LEW detector detects, would not show up at all in traditional measurements.


Q: How will I know if there is a change in the quality of water or liquid that I am monitoring?

A: The LIQUM Service will send you an email alert as soon as the change occurs. It is easy to set alert trigger-levels. You can monitor the water- or liquid quality 24/7 on your user screen on your computer or mobile phone too; monitoring results are updated continuously in real time.


Q: Where is the LIQUM solution in use?

A: The LIQUM Solution is in use in municipal water supply and distribution networks, as well as in a wide range of industries, including pulp & paper, mining, agriculture, aquafarming, bioenergy, pharmaceuticals and food & beverage.


Q: How is the LEW detector installed?

A: LIQUM sends you pre-configured LEW detectors with full installation instructions. Installation can be made direct to pipe, via a flow chamber, in an open channel or in a well. Delivery includes a pipe connector or a flow chamber. LEW detectors which are to be installed in open ducts or wells are 1.5 meter long.  The equipment is easy to install, and installation typically takes less than 15 minutes per unit. Once the system is installed, monitoring results are instantly available online.


Q: Is my data secure and private?

A: The LIQUM solution meets all current security requirements. The customer is provided with sole administrator rights; only the administrator can grant access rights to new users.


Q: Where can I get the Liqum service and LEW detectors?

A: You can order the LIQUM Service and LEW detectors by email. Write to info@liqum.com. LIQUM will send you the LIQUM Service agreement. When you return the signed agreement to info@liqum.com, LIQUM will dispatch your LEW detector(s). In addition, we will e-mail you installation instructions and an activation link for the LIQUM Service. LIQUM’s experts will assist you with all installation and commissioning matters.