Liquid Quality Assurance

Liquid Quality Assurance

Liquid Quality Assurance was developed to improve the efficiency of papermaking machines by minimizing production breaks, reducing the amount of production waste and improving end-product quality. For a long time, the common perception was that the chemistry of the “wet end” of the paper machine, where the water, pulp, chemicals and fillers are mixed, was a mystery which would never be understood.

However, LEW detectors deployed in the pulp and water lines and headbox of a paper machine revealed chemical phenomena and cause-and-effect relationships in the process chemistry that no other method had ever revealed. This helped paper makers to control their processes more effectively, rationalize the use of chemicals and reduce the frequency of production outages.

Liquid Quality Assurance was very soon also introduced in the mining industry to improve process efficiency. The LEW detectors were installed in mining sludge and process waters, in order to understand chemical cause-and-effect relationships in the ore beneficiation process and eliminate efficiency-reducing factors.  Mines are generally located in areas where water availability is limited and the environment is vulnerable. This requires mine operators to meet very high standards in total process management and water management. Every litre saved in the minerals production process reduces the burden on the environment, as well as saving chemicals, water and energy.

Liquid Quality Assurance has provided plants and factories across a number of industrial sectors with immediate and significant benefits without the need for any major investment in hardware. The return on investment is typically just a few months. 

This unique real-time monitoring is continuous, accurate and reliable, and enables operators to quickly gain a clear insight into the state their processes. Chemical threats and contamination are reported in real time, enabling immediate preventive action to be taken.


Customers’ projects have shown that Liquid Quality Assurance
  • reveals new chemical phenomena that have not previously been detected
  • helps to understand the cause-and-effect phenomena in process chemistry
  • improves process efficiency without any major investment
  • minimizes production breaks
  • reduces the amount of rejected product
  • improves understanding of factors that reduce process efficiency
  • increases environmental sustainability
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The LIQUM solution has been deployed in a wide variety of process liquids and waters:
  • paper and board manufacturing processes
  • pulp drying processes
  • water treatment processes at pulp and paper mills
  • mining and beneficiation processes
  • ore leaching processes
  • mine effluent processes
  • chemical quality control: lye, hypochlorite
  • quality control of fillers
  • bioenergy processes
  • landfill run-off water
  • effluents from industrial sites
  • municipal waste water quality and industrial waste water control
  • chemical manufacturing processes
  • industrial filler and sludge production processes
  • raw water treatment processes
  • waste water treatment processes
  • environment control in industry: discharge-, surface- and ground waters
  • peat production waters


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