Water Security Assurance

Water Security Assurance

Water Security Assurance was developed together with water utilities and major beverage plants to enhance water security. Laboratory-based methods for determining water quality had proven to be inadequate and time-consuming, and traditional online measurements were often unreliable. The gap was filled by the LEW detector, which detects chemical threats such as the contamination of wells by surface water runoff and increased microbiological risks caused by the failure of disinfection.

Water Security Assurance has now been in use at a certain major beverage plant for over ten years. The Liqum service provides the plant’s operators with crucial information about chemical threats and risks as soon as they occur. Using traditional monitoring methods, it would take 2-3 weeks to observe water quality disturbances. The LIQUM Service monitors the water quality continuously and analyses chemical threats using machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms. It has been working reliably at the plant since spring 2010. During this time, the only maintenance procedure has been to replace the LEW detector’s batteries once a year.

In addition to the intuitive user interface, which can be accessed from any computer or phone via a secure Internet log-in, the LIQUM Service allows the user to set an alarm trigger, so that a real-time e-mail alert is received by key personnel when a reportable chemical threat is detected.


Customers’ projects have shown that Water Security Assurance
  • improves the water security of water supply systems and food and beverage plants
  • detects a great deal of contamination which conventional water monitoring and control systems fail to detect
  • fills the gap left by traditional quality control methods, by making 1440 analyses per day
  • mitigates chemical threats and risks in water supply systems
  • is a cost-effective and low maintenance service for real-time water- and liquid quality monitoring
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The LIQUM solution has been deployed in a variety of water applications:
  • Water supply systems
  • Bottled water production
  • Food and beverage production processes
  • Dairy processes
  • Fish farming processes
  • Surface water treatment processes
  • Ground water
  • Water networks
  • Critical points in a range of networks and processes

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