Water Security Assurance

Water Security means the ability to guarantee a sufficient supply of high-quality and safe water to communities. Water is as vital to national security as it is to the food & beverage industry. Water supply systems are vulnerable to both intentional and unintentional threats, including physical acts of sabotage, cyber-attacks on information and control systems, and accidental contamination. 

A key feature of any modern water security service is an online contamination warning system which offers the best chance of minimizing the effect of contamination. To ensure timely detection of contamination, the early warning system forms an integral part of routine operational monitoring, enabling immediate response in the event of a contamination event.

It is vital for risk management that companies identify hazards and hazardous events which could lead to a deterioration in water quality and which constitute a risk to human health. Water Security Assurance helps to identify chemical threats and contamination risks in water supply systems, providing early warning alerts in order to facilitate a fast and effective response.  When an emergency occurs, it is vital not to waste time in containing the threat and preventing a catastrophe. 

Water Security Assurance increases the safety of water sources and water supply systems, promotes human health, and improves food and beverage safety. It provides immediate information on the ingress into water supply systems of harmful substances that threaten water safety, such as the overdosing of chemicals due to equipment failure, water contamination due to ruptured pipes, uncontrolled discharges from wastewater treatment plants, and chemical accidents on railways and waterways which threaten water intakes. Water Security Assurance guarantees  state-of-the-art protection for water supply systems now and into the future.

Water Security Assurance provides real-time monitoring and early warning of chemical threats and risk to water:
  • Minimizes chemical threats and risk to water
  • Increases water security, encompassing human health & well-being, the state of the water environment, the sustainability of livelihoods, and food safety
  • Prevents the ingress of harmful substances that threaten water safety
  • Mitigates the risk presented by chemical accidents on roads, railways and waterways and uncontrolled discharges from waste water treatment plants
LIQUM Technology
Real-time Monitoring is accurate and reliable. Chemical threats and risks to water are detected and reported in real time (e-mail alert), giving the user the opportunity to take immediate preventive action.
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Improves food and beverage safety

Mitigates the risks presented by industrial process disturbances, uncontrolled discharges from wastewater treatment plants and potential chemical accidents on roads, railways and waterways

Increases the safety of the water production chain

With the Liqum solution, the freshwater supply is protected, by monitoring chemical risks in natural water resources – no matter how remote

Promotes human health


High-quality water and safe food and beverages promote human health and well-being


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