The LIQUM Story

LIQUM’s vision was conceived in 1992, when its founder, Finnish automation engineer Sakari Laitinen, was sitting in an airplane looking down over Greenland, where he saw the blue sky, pristine white ice sheets, and beautiful blue ocean. He thought how absurd it was that humanity was destroying its most valuable asset – water. At that moment he resolved to make it his life’s work to protect this most vital of resources by building a worldwide real-time water monitoring network.

LIQUM Ltd. was established in 1999. With the help of a group of leading chemists, engineers and top scientists in Finland and around the world, and with an emphasis on the use of electro-chemistry, LIQUM developed its unique liquid monitoring technology. The first commercial system was sold one year later to the high-tech Finnish papermaking industry. Since then, LIQUM technology has proven to be extremely valuable in ensuring water- and liquid quality in several industries, including water treatment and the beverage, environmental, pharmaceutical, aquafarming, bioenergy, pulp & paper and mining & minerals sectors.

For over two decades LIQUM has delivered its unique water and liquid quality monitoring solutions to its valued customers around the world. The vision of a worldwide real-time water-monitoring network is now a reality.



At LIQUM we see the need for the sustainable use of Earth’s resources. Water is essential for life, the environment and the economy. LIQUM’s vision is that the quality of Earth’s water resources be secured for all time, through the promotion of water stewardship.

Clean water for all. All of the time.



LIQUM’s mission is to provide cutting-edge solutions for water- and liquid quality assurance. LIQUM solutions will form an integral part of a worldwide real-time water quality assurance network.



We are entering a new era, in which water will be distributed via intelligent water networks and in which water quality will be controlled using artificial intelligence and smart detectors. 



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